The Purpose of this Site

HHmmm…the purpose of this site…..  Well.  I’ve always wanted to work from home in a creative sense and so this website is the beginning of my journey to do that.  There’s going to be a whole lot here eventually, in a couple of manners.  First I’m going to be writing blogs on many subjects including living with an invisible illness, being pagan, bullet journaling and so forth.  Additionally I will eventually be starting a YouTube channel as well as opening an Etsy store, which hopefully be happening soon.  I also plan to include product and book reviews.  Thus here I shall state (and I will include a notation in any relevant post) that any review is written without bias and I do not receive any payment nor any other incentive to write said reviews.  

All that being said I am thoroughly enjoying researching things like ESO, internet marketing, making my own brand and so forth.  I honestly never thought I’d say something like that …. LOL

So here we go!  First blog post away!



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