*Under Construction*

As I’ve started adding social media here I want to be very clear that this site/blog is still under-construction-by7jrx-clipart in it’s origin phase!!  I am still slowly but surely creating content and getting this up and running.

So if you find yourself here from a social media link/source, please be patient with me!



So much… all the things…

20170910_185054 It’s been a long while hasn’t it?  I’ve been so focused on planning, ya know?  A lot of brain dumping, mind mapping, list making and so on and so on and so on….  Then my phone died.  And then we had two associates at work quit with no notice on consecutive days.  So things have been so hectic.  Now though I have a new phone (with a better plan!  Unlimited data woot woot!!), we have new associates and I’m going back to my regular schedule.  Thank.  Gods.

Tomorrow I want to get a filming area set up in our spare room so I can get more to-do’s checked off of my Youtube list.  I got a video editing program and so my next project is to get a video recorded and then play around with the program so I can get used to it.

I also got an Instagram friendly app on my phone for recording short videos.  I’m excited to learn that too.  I’m also working on designing a watermark for my photos.  And on the subject of photos I’m working on designing a “set” so to speak, for my desk, for taking pictures of my bullet journal and other things not yet mentioned.

So anyway that’s all for now.  I wanted to actually write about Something, but .. well.  This is what it’s turned out to be LOL

Misc Updates

So I’ve had a lot going on lately.  I’ve really been giving a lot of thought to things and I realized, though it was hard to accept, that I was trying to do too much at once, in terms of getting my online presence and business going.  Thus, I’ve put aside getting the actual store/business aspect going and I’m focusing now on just getting my online presence an actual thing.  Thus I’ve been spending a lot of time researching different social media platforms, things like Hootsuite and whether I intend to spend a lot of time tweeting, things like this.

In addition I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about just how much time I want to put into blogging, what I want to say in here, and so forth.  I’m really thinking I want to make my Youtube channel the forefront of my online presence, while having my blog be more of a “home base” type of situation.

This week I have started researching things like making photos look semi-professional, how to make my blog posts sound professional, etc.  I’m also researching things like hashtags  and ways to label blog posts to get more views.  In the background I’ve also slowly been getting a spot in our spare room set up to record videos.  The first few are gonna kinda suck ‘cuz I don’t have very good equipment but I’m working on it!

I’ve also been working a lot in my bullet journal and I’ve started getting my second one set up for tracking my social media and such.  I’m migrating to using dailies and I’m so happy with it!  I am also slowly but surely incorporating ideas and methods from “Getting Things Done” into my life and journaling and that’s really helping me be more productive.

In the near future for my main bujo I’m going to be moving into a travelers notebook with inserts as well as my main lt 1917 and I’m going to also begin using a hobonichi.  Their 2018 lineup is going to be totally released at the end of the month, which happily will be when I start having money to spend again so I am so freaking excited about that.

So that’s it for now.  I’m pretty genuinely serious about mainly posting vlog updates so, really, we will see what happens.



Something I’ve noticed, as I surfed around the internet looking at blogs and websites, especially in the working from home, crafty diy and journaling communities, is that there seems to be a very common “type.”

I want to stop for a moment here, only one sentence in, to specify that this trend is what *I* have noticed up until *now* which is mid-June 2017.  This very well could change tomorrow!

I’ve noticed that these individuals are mostly women, mostly stay at home mom’s.  These women are often very conservative, living conservative Christian lives, often with little to no financial worries.

Now let me stop again to say this: If this is your preferred way of life, if this is your belief, than I am truly happy for you.  I wish you all the best and while that type of lifestyle is not for me, if it is for you then more power to you!

My point is that there is very little representation in this community for individuals like me.  Not Christian.  No children.  Very liberal.  I am Pagan.  My children all have four legs.  I am agender and part of the LGBTQIA+ community.  I have fibromayglia and I desire to work from home while still keeping my current standard of living, or bettering it.

And so here I am!  I remember several times over the last few years, trying to find blogs from people who have fibro and only finding a couple, if that.  So then I wanted to find blogs by people who did things like make their own soaps and cleaners  and while I found a couple blogs most of the posts were regarding their family life and how they want to be the best Christian wife and mother ever.  Well I wanted a blog that I could regularly follow.  So I went and looked for some crafty diy ones.  Same thing.  I’d find one or two but they were always ones that I had so much different from them I wouldn’t be able to regularly enjoy it.  And now most recently I’ve had the same with searching for journaling, paper crafting and bullet journaling blogs.  I find blogs with posts I love, but the rest of the blog is about being a Christian stay at home mom.  I’ve even been having this problem with motivational/inspirational Twitter accounts.  I have yet to find one that doesn’t also happen to be Christian.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can be motivational, you can be a blogger, a journaler, a crafty diy’er, a stay at home mom, or whatever the fuck you want without being Christian!  Without rolling in money!  Without having children!  And hopefully my online presence (as it becomes more regular) can provide, for someone else, what I have been looking for all these years.

So at any rate that’s that.  There IS a liberal part of this community.  There IS a LGBTQIA+ part of this community.  There IS a Pagan part of this community!

Allowing yourself to feel bad


When you are, or have been, chronically ill for a period of time, you become used to feeling ill.  Sick.  Tired.  In pain.  Just plain bad.  It becomes the norm.  You learn how to live with it, you develop strategies to push past it, accept it, work around it.  So that becomes normal.  So your good days slowly become these days; the days you’re able to push past, medicate enough, (whether it’s prescription meds, caffeine, etc) become standard.  They become your good days.  So long as you’re able to get up and do some of your stuff it’s a good day.

But then you feel good about it.  You’re still able to work, you’re still engaging in self care activities, you’re still able to go out and shop and every now and again go out with friends.  But then one day you’re more tired than usual.  You’re in more pain.  Your appetite is weird.  But you push through and go about your day.  Then the next day comes… You can barely move… You’re in incredible pain…You’re foggy…You can’t focus on anything… You know that you will be spending the day in bed.

And why?  Because you didn’t let yourself be sick.  You should have taken it easy the day before, maybe medicated more, maybe do some other self care activity to help you keep as many spoons as possible.  But because you didn’t now you’re really down for the count that day, and possibly the next.

This is why it is vitally important that us spoonies let ourselves be sick when we need to.  This is also why it’s important to learn our bodies, to learn the cost and toll certain activities takes from us, so we know what we can do and to know how we’re going to have to alter plans for the rest of the day, the next day, and so forth.

For me there are a handful of things I consider:

  • How physically strenuous is it?
    • Will I need to be physical for a length of time?
    • Does it involve heavy lifting?
  • Is the place accessible?
    • Is there an elevator?  If not how many stairs will I need to climb?
    • What kind of seating will be available?
    • Is there a restroom near by?
  • What is the weather like?
    • Will I need to bring a jacket? Maybe an umbrella?
    • Will it be hot or humid?  Cool or cold?  Damp?
  • Will there be food there?
    • If so is it safe for me to eat?
    • If not can I eat before or after?  How will that affect my day if I need to?
  • How long will this event/activity last?
    • Will I need to bring meds?
    • If so will there be water available for me to take them?
    • Will my sleep be affected?
    • Is it running late?  If so can I caffeinate?
    • If I need to caffeinate do I need to be up early the next day?
  • Will I be able to leave early if I need to?
    • Can I drive myself?
    • Will my leaving early be disruptive?
    • Would my leaving early make things awkward with anyone?
    • Will anyone there demand specific reasons of my leaving early?

At any rate, I feel like I’ve gotten off track, but really this is one of the major reasons we need to allow ourselves to be sick, stay home, rest, etc when we need to.  For those of us with invisible illnesses (or any other chronic illness) there are innumerable factors we must consider.  Consider for how the activity will affect the rest of our day and the next day, and if we don’t take that sick day?  We can throw most if not all other activities out the window for at least a day or two.

Readers, take that sick day.  Not only do you deserve it but it is your right.



Thoughts and Thinking….

It’s my dream to be self sufficient and to not be living paycheck to paycheck while also to not be working full time out of the house.  Due to being on medical leave for three weeks I have finally seen what I can accomplish at thoughtfulhome when I’m not beyond exhausted from work.  As I’ve been recovering each day I am able to do more and it feels great.  I’ve been accomplishing so much (in terms of what I am usually able to do) and I feel so capable!

I also recently discovered Bullet Journaling and it has totally changed my life.  I am planning and making realistic goals.  I am doing things about my goals, researching and making decisions.  I am so excited, so pumped and feeling better than I have in a long, long, long time.

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and brainstorming.  I’m writing lists and coming up with ideas, crossing some off that won’t work and coming up with more.  My end game is to not have to work out of the house more than one or two days a week, if at all and if I do to have it be because I want to, not because I have to.  So I’m also looking at ensuring that I have multiple sources of income because when it comes to working from home, for most people it’s flexible; based on sales and such.

Although I’m honestly not terribly worried about income.  Not that we don’t need me to have income, we absolutely do.  But, what worries me is health insurance.  I currently have fairly decent insurance through my job, but if I leave there I won’t have it any more, and most places won’t give insurance to part timers and I absolutely need it.  So…. ya.  There’s that.  I’m going to start looking at the state insurance exchange to see how much it would be for me to get on my own, but who knows.  I need to have steady income otherwise anyway.

So that’s it for today.


The Purpose of this Site

HHmmm…the purpose of this site…..  Well.  I’ve always wanted to work from home in a creative sense and so this website is the beginning of my journey to do that.  There’s going to be a whole lot here eventually, in a couple of manners.  First I’m going to be writing blogs on many subjects including living with an invisible illness, being pagan, bullet journaling and so forth.  Additionally I will eventually be starting a YouTube channel as well as opening an Etsy store, which hopefully be happening soon.  I also plan to include product and book reviews.  Thus here I shall state (and I will include a notation in any relevant post) that any review is written without bias and I do not receive any payment nor any other incentive to write said reviews.  

All that being said I am thoroughly enjoying researching things like ESO, internet marketing, making my own brand and so forth.  I honestly never thought I’d say something like that …. LOL

So here we go!  First blog post away!